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JetMeds | Revolutionizing how you use medications, starting with pets

What if...

...medicating your pet was easy? could improve your pet's overall health? could do it with less medication?

Giving your pet medications is hard! So many challenges | JetMeds


"When did Princess get her last dose or pill?"

Most of us forget to give medication.
(~30% compliance)


"How much should Coco get?"

Current therapeutics deliver more medication than is actually needed.

Medicating is 

"Oh, come on Max!
Stay. Stay!"

Have you ever chased your pet around the house to give them a pill?


"Is Buddy drinking from the creek again?"

Reduce environmental exposure in and out of the home. Unused medications can end up in our water and landfills. 

Giving your pet medication is hard!

Revolutionizing how you use medications, starting with pets.

Smart Software + Smart Device = Smart Dosing

Our strategy is simple - utilizing smart devices to dispense,

we optimize the health of your pet with less drug. 
JetMeds | Transforming health to make medicating your pet easier and better using less drug
Transforming Health

Using our smart devices means:

...medicating your pet is easier don't have to remember when to do it can improve your pet's overall health can medicate your pet using less drug

Smart Dosing Vision
Companion Animals | Livestock | People

As as smart dosing platform we are ready to address the needs of pet owners and companion animals. We will extend our technology, through partnerships, to improve the health of livestock and humans.

Opportunities we're working on

From companion animals to Livestock - JetMeds R&D is enabling the future vision.

What if you could...

...improve the health, welfare and productivity of your livestock.

...use less labor to manage your herd.

...use less medication to treat your animals. with pests intelligently.

...optimize the dose of medication based on the individual animal.

Livestock in R&D

About us

We are a dedicated team of pet owners, inventors, engineers and product developers working to improve the health of your pets, livestock and people.

At the moment we’re building products in stealth mode. Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with the company, joining our team or learning more. 

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